Municipal Networks

With increasing frequency cities, towns and other municipalities are installing high capacity fiber optic networks across their territory for a variety of reasons. Initially, the network may be to support municipal services, such as a city utility with a smart grid. But the opportunity to extend services to residents and businesses pays many dividends. The impact and value of such networks are well documented. Businesses and residents value the high-bandwidth internet connections, especially businesses that rely on fast data connections to run their operations. Cities are increasingly aware of the financial value of retaining businesses that might otherwise be tempted to relocate to a location that offers better communications services.

The business core of a municipality, including city services and city government, presents a changing set of communications network requirements that requires a flexible network design that can accommodate these changes cost-effectively without the need for major changes to the network infrastructure. In addition to requests for new service, changes may be necessary in the number of fibers provided to a location or requests to re-route fiber to new locations.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber Cabling System, meets these challenges with a family of micro-ducts and, cables fibers, cabinets, tools, and accessories. They offer advantages of unmatched speed of installation, flexibility, and network quality and reliability.  Using the air-blown technology, fibers are only installed when needed, eliminating deployment and provisioning uncertainties at the time of installation. In short, the Hexatronic fiber optic cabling system meets the requirements of Enterprise communications networks with advanced technology and smart products at the right price.