Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU)

The importance of including Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) in the deployment of fiber optics for broadband access networks is no longer in doubt. Driven by tenants and property owners unwilling to compromise on Internet access and Video services, the inclusion MDUs in the overall fiber access deployment plan is clear with service direct to individual living units increasingly deployed.

MDU installations present their own unique set of challenges. The limited space in multi dwelling units can sometimes make it difficult to fit the duct assemblies for Air-Blown Fiber into existing narrow pathways. This could result in the necessity of finding alternative routes, costly core drilling or issues with exposed ducts in public areas. The solution to address the issue of narrow pathways in multi dwelling units is to decrease the diameter of the ducts to a minimum, without violating the performance of the system.

The Ribbonet® air blown fiber system simplifies the task of finding routes for installation. The slim size and small bend-radius allow the Microducts to fit into existing pathways. If necessary, the ducts can be attached to the wall, in the same way as conventional drop-cables. The result is extended flexibility and low visual impact in any indoor installation.

The microducts for the Ribbonet system have low inner friction with an anti- static coating that enables installation of Air-Blown Fiber up to 1,000 meters, well within the need for most indoor applications. Compared with alternate cable solutions, the Ribbonet Air-Blown Fiber technology significantly reduces time and installation cost of FTTH networks, while offering high performance and quality with a minimum number of splice points in the network.

Minimize cost for civil works

The miniature sized Hexatronic microducts allow existing narrow pathways to be used and costly core drilling avoided. If new holes need to be drilled at all, the minimal cross section of the 3 mm duct assembly keeps the core drilling to a minimum and greatly simplifies the overall process. This significantly reduces the installation time and cost compared to alternative installation techniques.

Simplified logistics

The smaller weight and size also enable savings in the area of handling, storing and shipping. The drums that contain 500 m of fiber are relatively small and can be stored on normal store shelves, and fit in the trunk of a car. The lightweight plastic drums are easy to lift and move by hand.

Overall, the Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet Cable Systems offer significant advantages for deployment of fiber optic broadband access to MDU facilities due to the duct size and flexibility of the Ribbonet Air Blown Fiber technology.