Metropolitan Networks

The way in which the global communications infrastructure is built, is constantly evolving. When building digital infrastructure networks the chosen technology must be able to support a variety of changes, as capacity and services evolve. The access networks that are being built now, must also be scalable for capacity and topology.

Hexatronic’s fiber optic systems offer versatility and sustainability for future-proof solutions. The Micronet Micro Cable system and the Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber systems are scalable, cost effective, high performance cabling system for metropolitan and access networks.

The Ribbonet® air blown fiber system makes it possible to use existing risers and pathways all the way from the basement to the apartments and enable smooth installation without additional fiber splices and no need for expensive core drilling.

Installing Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) components in multi dwelling units help installers and service providers with the challenge of keeping installation cost at a minimum without compromises when it comes to quality and visual impact.

Compared with traditional cable solutions, the Ribbonet Air-Blown Fiber technology has been proved to significantly reduce time and installation cost of FTTH networks, while offering high performance and quality with a minimum number of splice points in the network.

The microducts have an inner low friction and anti- static surface that enables installation of Air-Blown Fiber for up to 300 meters, which is well within the need for most indoor applications.


Hexatronic’s solutions for metropolitan networks are built for high performance and a long life span. They deliver unlimited bandwith capacity and the ability to grow as demand increases and new services are introduced. The network can easily be expanded by simply incorporating new cables in alternative microducts whenever needed. This allows cable network operators to meet the increasing demand for broadband access networks. Major fiber increase is possible within existing channels so the expansion scalability options are huge. Micronet also minimizes initial investment costs as excess fiber capacity is not needed to guarantee future demands.

Quick and Easy Installation

The Ribbonet® and Micronet Air Blown Fiber solutions reduce installation time and costs, by using simpler and faster techniques for installing cables and fiber. The core of the Micronet system is a super thin fiber optic cable designed for easy installation. The slim size and small bend radius allows for installations in existing ducts and within traditional power, water or gas infrastructure. The fiber optic cable can then easily be blown in, saving time and money.

A Large Number of Fibers in a Compact Cable

The ability to have lots of fiber in a highly compact cable saves space and increases capacity. Up to 96 fibers can be held within one Micronet cable, with an outer diameter of only 5.7 mm. The supreme capacity makes Micronet the preferred choice when installing metropolitan and access networks. The minimal cable dimensions also improve the transport and handling processes.

System Advantages


  • Scalable design solution with customized product packages
  • Solutions based on the traditional micro ducts or hybrid ducts
  • Market leading air blown fiber and micro cable
  • Material designed and approved according Skanovas specifications


  • The easiest possible design and installation, where all parts are tested and compatible
  • Guaranteed performance throughout the network’s lifetime
  • A quality-assured system to ensure the finished fiber network has and maintains a high market value

Recommended Products

Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber

Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber (ABF) consists of pre-connected air blown fiber and fiber in a pan.

Nano Cable

The Hexatronic Nano Cable is an ultra slim, but robust cable designed for blowing or pushing into microducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 to 12mm. The cable is delivered on reels.

Microducts and Multiducts for Air Blown Fiber

Microducts and Multiducts for Air Blown Fiber covers thick walled or protected fiber for indoor and outdoor, direct buried, aerial installations.

Drop Cables

Hexatronic´s Drop Cables connect end users in FTTx networks to a nearby Fiber Access Terminal.

Fiber Access Terminals and Termination Boxes

The FATs consist of jointing cabinets and joint closures that are designed for easy access and good protection of fibers.

Duct Joints and Other Duct Equipment

Successfully installing a system for air blown fiber also requires components for splicing microducts, as well as protective closures for duct jointing and branching.

Installation Tools and Accessories

All the accessories needed to install the Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber system.