Hospitals and Healthcare

As the healthcare industry steadily becomes a digital industry, the need for secure high-bandwidth communications directly to doctor’s offices, nursing stations, operating rooms and medical records becomes stronger. Transmission and electronic display of high-resolution images; remote medical care; access to patient medical records across the country or even across the world; these are all drivers that steadily increase in urgency.

Installation of new wired networks in hospitals presents unique challenges if the project will be intrusive on existing procedures and personnel, including patients themselves. Minimizing the time and impact on the environment is fundamentally important.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber Products are designed to install quickly and easily. The slender microducts fit easily into almost any available space in conduits and the fiber optic cables can be quickly blown through the ducts over long distances, minimizing the time and noise for the installation phase of the project. The final drop uses the Ribbonet fiber, which is blown easily using a hand-held tool that is quiet and efficient. These features make the Hexatronic products the best choice for this demanding network installation.