High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings offer numerous benefits from the installation of in-building fiber optic networks to supply high-speed services directly to tenants. Over the link distances encountered in such buildings, traditional copper connections have numerous problems with size, weight, and even bandwidth. Fiber optic connections provided directly to individual tenants offer a future-proof infrastructure that can grow with the tenant’s requirements and growing business. A fully lit building with fiber penetrating deep into the living and working areas offers the very best in services that tenants demand.

Numerous challenges arise unique to these projects having to do with in-building codes and requirements for the cables. Space in conduits and risers may be limited due to the presence of numerous other building services. Installing a physical infrastructure that is flexible and scalable over time is always a priority that can present challenges.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber Solutions are designed to overcome these difficulties with cost-effective industry-leading solutions. There is a wide range of ducts and fiber optic cables that fit into tight spaces and install quickly using the most advanced air-blown fiber technologies with a minimum of splices. Amherst Photonics can show you how these unique product solutions will get your job done in a minimum of time and cost.