Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

When designing the Outside Plant in a FTTH network, the most important features to consider are deployment cost, optical quality of the network, and the ability to adapt to increasing demand for service without incurring unacceptable new costs. The access networks that are being built now, must be scalable for capacity and topology.

The Hexatronic Micronet™ Micro Cable system and the Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber systems are scalable, cost effective, high performance cabling system for metropolitan and access networks.


Hexatronic’s solutions for metropolitan networks are built for high performance and a long life span. They deliver almost unlimited bandwidth capacity and the ability to grow as demand increases and new services are introduced. With the installation of multiple ducts at low cost during the initial deployment, the network can easily be expanded by simply blowing new cables in new microducts whenever needed. This allows cable network operators to meet the increasing demand for broadband access networks. Major fiber increase is possible within existing channels so the expansion scalability options are huge.

Quick and Easy Installation

The Micronet and Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber solutions reduce installation time and costs, by using simple and fast techniques for installing cables and fiber. The core of the Micronet system, designed for the feeder and distribution portions of the network, is a high capacity thin fiber optic cable designed for easy installation. The slim size and small bend radius allow for installations in existing ducts and within traditional power, water or gas infrastructure. The fiber optic cable can then easily be blown in, saving time and money.

A Large Number of Fibers in a Compact Cable

The ability to maximize the fiber count while maintaining a highly compact cable clearly saves space in the ducts without compromising capacity. Up to 192 fibers can be held within one Micronet cable, with an outer diameter of only 7.9 mm. This world-class capacity and size makes Micronet the preferred choice when installing access networks. The small cable dimensions also simplify the task of transporting and handling the fiber cables.

Air-Blown Drop Cable

In any access network, the bulk of the cost and work often lies with the installation of the customer premises and drop cables with associated cost of splicing or, in the case of pre-terminated cables, the loss of optical performance due to excess attenuation. The Hexatronic® Air Blown Fiber system employs a unique design that eliminates splices while maintaining high optical performance in the network. This design also allows the installation of the drop cable to be postponed until service order has been placed by the customer at that site. This postpones the cost of the drop cable, thereby lowering the installation cost. 

In Summary

The Hexatronic cabling products support scalable design solutions based on customized product packages. These solutions are based on the traditional micro ducts or hybrid ducts that are used with market leading air blown fiber and micro cable. All materials and designs are approved according demanding industry specifications.

These features enable simplified processes for design and installation with parts that have all been tested and proven compatible.

Hexatronic’s quality-assurance system ensures that the installed fiber network will meet high standards of quality and performance and maintain those standards over time.