Fiber for Premises Networks

During installation of a Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network in premises it can sometimes be difficult to fit duct assemblies for Air-Blown Fiber into existing narrow pathways. This could result in the necessity of finding alternative routes, costly core drilling or issues with exposed ducts in public areas. The solution to address the issue of narrow pathways in i.e multi dwelling units is to decrease the diameter of the ducts to a minimum, without violating the performance of the system.

Hexatronic’s fiber optic solutions for premises networks focus on using the existing duct pathways within the traditional power, water or gas infrastructure, rather than drilling new, costly routes. The Micronet Micro Cable system and the Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber systems have been proven to reduce time and installation costs, while offering high performance and quality with a minimum number of splice points in the network.

Minimize the Cost for Civil Works

The ultra slim 3 mm microducts allows existing narrow pathways to be used and avoids costly core drilling. In the rare event that new holes absolutely need to be drilled, the minimal cross section of the 3 mm duct assembly excludes the need for more complex core drilling technology. This reduces time and cost by a factor of 4 to 5 times.

Simplified Logistics

The smaller weight and size also enable savings in the area of handling, storing and shipping. The 500 m drums are relatively small and can be stored conveniently on normal store shelves, and fit in the trunk of a car. The light weight plastic drums are easy to lift and move by hand.

Fast and Easy Installation

Due to the slim size ducts it is easier to find routes for installation. The 3 mm size and smaller bend-radius allows the microducts to fit into existing pathways. If necessary, the ducts can be attached to the wall, in the same way as conven-tional drop-cables. The result is extended flexibility and low visual impact in any indoor installation.

System Advantages


  • Small discreet design microducts
  • Minimal cross section
  • Air Blown Fiber technology with splice free branch installation


  • Existing duct pathways can be used
  • Minimized need for core drilling of large holes
  • Time and cost effective installations

Recommended Products

Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber

Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber (ABF) consists of pre-connected air blown fiber and fiber in a pan.

Nano Cable

The Hexatronic Nano Cable is an ultra slim, but robust cable designed for blowing or pushing into microducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 to 12mm. The cable is delivered on reels.

Microducts and Multiducts for Air Blown Fiber

Microducts and Multiducts for Air Blown Fiber covers thick walled or protected fiber for indoor and outdoor, direct buried, aerial installations.

Drop Cables

Hexatronic´s Drop Cables connect end users in FTTx networks to a nearby Fiber Access Terminal.

Fiber Access Terminals and Termination Boxes

The FATs consist of jointing cabinets and joint closures that are designed for easy access and good protection of fibers.

Duct Joints and Other Duct Equipment

Successfully installing a system for air blown fiber also requires components for splicing microducts, as well as protective closures for duct jointing and branching.

Installation Tools and Accessories

All the accessories needed to install the Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber system.