Enterprise Networks

With the growing importance of immediate access to data about customers, competitors and internal operations, the scope of business enterprises that are benefitting from the adoption of internal fiber optic networks is growing every year. The requirements for these networks are significantly different than for standard access networks in telephone systems.

To reap the benefits from Cloud Services, Big Data, Video on Demand and streamlined business operations, enterprise networks must evolve over time. Given this requirement, the choice of network design has far reaching implications affecting cost and effectiveness. New fibers may need to be added. Multimode fiber may need replacing with single-mode fibers. New locations may need to be added to the network. It is vital that these changes can be done quickly and easily at minimal cost.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber Cabling System, meet these challenges with a family of micro-ducts and, cables fibers, cabinets, tools, and accessories. They offer advantages of unmatched speed of installation, flexibility, and network quality and reliability.  Using the air-blown technology, fibers are only installed when needed, eliminating deployment and provisioning uncertainties at the time of installation. In short, the Hexatronic fiber optic cabling system meets the requirements of Enterprise communications networks with advanced technology and smart products at the right price.