Intelligent Data Center Solutions for Networks of the Future

Data centers are a long-term investment for the future. Our quality solutions are based upon a smart modular system that is integrated into a larger overall application and can be added to and adapted easily. Hexatronic’s modular cabinets extract the hot air from server entries, which reduces the need to provide cool air, preventing overheating of important and often expensive equipment. This ensures highly effective energy handling, for power and cost efficiency – for years to come.

Hexatronic data center solutions offer guaranteed power systems and total protection of equipment, for ultimate reliability. The advanced power distribution systems presented in this catalogue offer new possibilities for monitoring operating status and power distribution in data centers. Monitoring can be set to different levels; rooms, cabinets, or by the single socket.

Tomorrow’s Data Centers are Already Here, Cost-effective and Climate Friendly

Hexatronic’s reliable, high quality data center solutions with advanced cooling technology, reduce the risk of failures and extend functionality of components. Cooling modules and cabinets reduce the risk of failures, improve performance and extend equipment lifetime.

  • Energy and cost efficient

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Total protection of equipment

  • Guaranteed power system for ultimate reliability


High quality, functional cabinet solutions developed for holding active and passive network equipment in 10”, 19” and 21” standard indoor applications. The product offering includes advanced cooling solutions and remote management and power systems.