CATV Networks

As consumer expectations for digital media grows, some CATV companies are increasing their network performance by leveraging their installed HFC networks and converting the coaxial last mile to fiber. These networks, using either RFoG or PON technology, will provide world-class bi-directional network capacity to homes and apartment buildings.

The overbuild of the coaxial last mile will present a unique set of design choices depending on how deeply the existing fiber network penetrates into neighborhoods and what is the condition of existing ducts, conduits and aerial plant. In any case, construction crews will want highly flexible ducts and cables of the smallest possible size that will fit into available space in existing plant, whether underground or aerial.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber Cabling System, meet these challenges with a family of micro-ducts and, cables fibers, cabinets, tools, and accessories. They offer advantages of unmatched speed of installation, flexibility, and network quality and reliability.  Using the air-blown technology, fibers are only installed when needed, eliminating deployment and provisioning uncertainties at the time of installation. In short, the Hexatronic fiber optic cabling system meets the requirements of upgrading CATV communications networks with advanced technology and smart products.