Campus Installations

Numerous organizations, such as universities, factories, airports, and government occupy a site with multiple buildings over a range that can occupy several square miles. When connecting these buildings in a network, fiber optics offers a superior technology, providing a high capacity, secure, scalable communications network for inter- and intra-building connections.

Due to the unique network topography and types of services to be supported, numerous challenges in the physical layout of such networks may be found related to the location of buildings, existence of actual physical barriers, and the need to accommodate future site upgrades affecting both topography and the types of services.

The Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air-Blown Fiber Cabling System, meet these challenges with a family of micro-ducts and, cables fibers, cabinets, tools, and accessories. They offer advantages of unmatched speed of installation, flexibility, and network quality and reliability.  Using the air-blown technology, fibers are only installed when needed, eliminating deployment and provisioning uncertainties at the time of installation. In short, the Hexatronic fiber optic cabling system meets the requirements of Enterprise communications networks with advanced technology and smart products at the right price.