With exceptionally high capacity, security and reliability for transmitting bi-directional voice, data, graphics and video from homes, offices, apartments, campuses, and large enterprises, fiber optics is the ultimate transmission technology in the last mile of a telecommunications network. The validity of this simple fact is demonstrated by the massive deployment of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks on a global scale by network operators such as Telephone Companies, city governments, utility cooperatives and other organization in the rapidly evolving landscape of communications service providers.

With the original focus primarily on the last mile connections (access networks) to residential homes, the broad description of this trend is now referred to as FTTx where the “x” denotes any candidate for receiving this game changing service. In all these networks, the Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® products can lower the Total Cost of Ownership by shortening time to revenue, eliminating splice and network connection points, and significantly reducing the amount of OSP materials. The result is a simple-to-maintain, service-on-demand, single supplier network that is backed by a 20-year warranty.

The “FTTx” generalization refers to any network that brings the communications service to specific customers over a fiber optic network that originates at a Central Office and terminates on (or very near) the customer premises. The superior signal transmission capabilities of fiber optic cable ensure that customers of FTTx network services will receive a future-proof range of high-bandwidth internet services including voice, data, graphics and video.

Each network type presents unique requirements and challenges to achieve optimal cost and performance. Whether in greenfield or overbuild scenarios, the Hexatronic product line offers many opportunities to maximize the network value through customization based on the choice of individual combinations of ducts, fiber cables and air-blown fiber. With space for new cables being a critical construction issue, the decision to use Hexatronic cable solutions presents construction crews with a wide choice of cables and ducts coupled with industry-leading air-blown-fiber technology.

Hexatronic products provide industry-leading solutions for the following unique applications: