FAT Fiber Jointing Cabinet


Outdoor street cabinet designed for blown fiber or cable splicing. It consist of an outer cabinet and an inner splicing compartment. The cabinet is made of aluminum. The cabinet can be used with traditional microducts, thick walled ducts or any type of fiber optic cables.

Features and Benefits

  • System designed for up to 96 micro-ducts and 192 fibers
  • Durable & strong cabinet made for lowest corrosion
  • Ventilated outer shell designed to IP 34 to avoid condensation or ice impact.
  • Fiber protection according to IP45 through inner cabinet.
  • Discrete color scheme for low visual impact


The cabinet is made of hot galvanized steel as a basic protection against corrosion with a painted ground base. The visible part of the outer shelter is available unpainted or green (RAL6010) for lowest visual impact. The outer door is equipped with an EBR lock. The EBR-keys need to be ordered separately. As an option a mounting plate for locking cylinders can be ordered. The internal cabinet includes lock and key. The size of the cabinet is 85 x 120 x 22 cm with a total weight 70 kg (including NCD 518 8004)


TThe microduct and fiber management is solved by a standard NCD5188004 splice cabinet inside the street cabinet. There are different choices of internal cabinet versions depending on fiber organizer system required.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Outdoor cabinet
  • Size: 430x250x860 mm (above ground)
  • Sealing: IP class 54
  • Capacity: 96 (single)/192 (ribbon) splices, 96 microducts