Duct Joint Closure – Heat Shrink


A series of straight duct closures for maximum protection of duct joints for direct buried applications. Heat shrink technology is used for maximum protection. The closure is available in five different sizes and includes microduct snap-in connectors for 1 to 24 microducts.

Features and Benefits

  • Straight joint for microducts
  • Heat shrink for maximum protection
  • Sizes for 1 – 24 microducts


This jointing kit for Ribbonet® 5 mm microducts and multiducts is intended for outdoor splicing of straight joints, using the well approved heat shrink method.

The kit is suitable for direct buried applications such as normal service joints.

The kit consists of aluminium foil as moisture barrier, duct connectors, tube for mechanical protection, graining cloth for cleaning and heat shrink tube. The joints are designed to enable continuity of the duct foil for grounding purposes.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Heat shrink, straight joint
  • Sealing: IP class 68
  • Capacity: 1 to 24 microducts