GNHLDV Micro Cable, Outdoor


Micro cable based on a slim loose tube design with up to eight tubes per cable. The design facilitates fiber preparation and mid-span access. The cable is suitable for long-distance, air blown installation in microducts, with an inner diameter of as little as 8mm. The cable has excellent bend performance and extremely wide operational temperature range.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 192 fibers • Super slim design or microducts down to 8mm
  • Excellent installation performance
  • Unique design with robust inner tubes
  • Temperature range from -45 to +70°C
  • Excellent bend performance, ≥30mm
  •  Easy to prepare and identify fibers
  • Halogen-free


The Micro Cables are designed with inner protective tubes made of a unique Poyamide compound. The Polyamide gives a special strength to the product, while increasing the bending properties as well as other benefits such as extreme temperature resistance. As a result, Micronet Micro Cables are more durable during the installation process as they are able to withstand rough handling. The unique cable design with an extended operational temperature range of -45 to +70°C can be used in many environments, on all continents where heat and cold are often a major concern. Micro cables from 12 to 96 fibers consist of up to 12 loose tubes with 12 fibers per tubes. Cables with 144-192 fibers consist of 8 loose tubes with 24 fibers per tubes. Cables with 144-192 fibers are part of the Hexatronic “Viper” series of high performance micro cables. These cables are characterized by improved environmental proerties and state of the art installation performance. For more information about the Viper range, contact Hexatronic sales support.


GNHLDV is a fiber optic micro cable for duct installation into microducts with an inner diameter of downto 8mm (12-72 fibers) or 10mm (96-192 fibers). The cable is part of the Hexatronic Micronet Micro Cable System. The Micronet system is used for installing optical fibers in all types of metropolitan, rural access networks and in the backbone network. Micronet provides an easy, cost-efficient rollout and maintenance, which creates the opportunity for increasing broadband penetration, with the capability to grow with user needs.Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber is optimized for installation into micro/multi-ducts by blowing. For optimum blowing performance, use the Hexatronic installation tool LTT 179 2011.

The Air Blown Fiber is delivered on lightweight Styrofoam reels, pre-terminated with connectors, or bulk delivery lengths in PANs.

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Loose tube
  • Type: Dielectric, slim
  • Dimensions: Ø5.7-8.3mm
  • Capacity: 12-192 fiber