Protected Microducts for Duct Installation


Ducts based on 10/8 mm or 12/10 mm microducts with a single HDPE sheath for easy installation of microduct bundles into existing pipes or cable shafts. The microducts have a solid low friction inner surface coating for best installation performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Dielectric • 2, 4 or 7 sub-duct options
  • 10/8 or 12/10 mm microduct system
  • Low friction inner surface for maximum installation lengths
  • Excellent environmental properties


The 2, 4- or 7- sub duct assemblies are available in both 10/8 and 12/10 mm.


The tight protected duct assemblies consist of a number of microducts with an inner low friction surface that enables air-blown installation of fiber optic micro cables. The duct assemblies are bundled with a single PP sheath. This makes the ducts suitable for easy installation into existing conduit systems. The round structure enables easy splicing and sealing at joints and branch locations. The ducts are suitable for installation of micro cables such as the Micronet micro cable.

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Installation in existing pipes
  • Dimensions, microducts: Ø 10/8 mm or 12/10 mm
  • Capacity: 2, 4, 7-way