Microducts for Duct Installation


Ducts composed of 10/8mm or 12/10mm microducts. The ducts are designed for installation in existing pipes or cable shafts. The microducts have a solid, low-friction inner surface coating for best installation performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely low friction for maximum installation lengths
  • Excellent environmental properties


The microducts have an innner/outer diameter of 10/8 mm or 12/10 mm.


Microducts are tubes with an inner low friction surface that enables air blown installation of fiber optic micro cables. The microducts are intended for installation in existing cable pipes. This enables several sub-ducts to be installed in each cable duct. The sub-ducts can be used for installation of additional cables or be reserved for future upgrades of the network.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Installation in existing pipes
  • Dimensions, microducts: Ø 10/8mm or 12/10mm