Fiber Distribution Hub – Outdoor


This Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) combines unique features in a compact cabinet. The FDH handles in-cabinet splicing of cable as well as incremental installation of air blown micro cable or air blown fiber. The FDH is designed for both PON and P2P FTTx connections and is designed for the RDJ 901+ splitter modules.

Features and Benefits

  • For PON and P2P applications
  • In-cabinet splicing, no splicing in manhole
  • Accommodates air-blown fiber in microducts and fiber optic cables
  • Supports cable mid-span
  • Up to 288 terminated drops
  • Up to 20 positions for mounting of splitters
  • Heavy duty strong plastic material
  • IP 56 sealing
  • Tested according to IEC 61300


This cabinet is designed with the unique feature of splicing fibers inside the cabinet in connector panel trays. This excludes the need for external manholes and splice boxes and therefore reduces installation time and installation cost. In addition to cable installation, the cabinet is designed for installation of air blown fibers in microducts which enables incremental fiber blowing to the cabinet for additional cost savings. Other options include pre-connected stub cable for traditional fiber installations in manholes. The product is equipped with a connector panel for up to 288 end-user connections and up to 48 feeder cable terminations. There are 14 positions for connector panel trays that also accommodate fiber splices. Each tray has 24 positions for SC-cut out adapters and 24 positions for splice protection sleeves. It is equipped with a lockable front door (square key lock) and a hinged mounted middle door inside the cabinet to facilitate installation. Splitter modules are available in different splitter ratios. Splitters and connector panel trays with pigtails are ordered separately.


The outdoor Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) cabinet for up to 288 end users is designed to handle fiber optic terminations and passive optical splitters in PON FTTx networks, but can also be used for Point to Point (P2P) applications or combinations of the both. The FDH is used as a demarcation point between the feeder network and the distribution network and provides quick and easy incremental installation of distribution cable terminations and fiber optic splitters. This cabinet can handle both air-blown fiber in microducts, micro cables as well as drop cables and other fiber optic cables. The FDH is intended for above ground installations but can also be mounted indoors, floor standing or wall mounted e.g. for use in a basement of a Multi Dwelling Unit. Mounting pad for outdoor installations and brackets for wall mounting are included.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Outdoor pad or pole mount
  • Capacity: up to 288 end users
  • Size: 830 (1080*)x700x426mm *Height including pad