Fiber Distribution Hubs

Outdoor Fiber Distribution Hub – Cabinet

This Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) combines unique features in a compact cabinet. The FDH handles in-cabinet splicing of cable as well as incremental installation of air blown micro cable or air blown fiber. The FDH is designed for both PON and P2P FTTx connections and is designed for the RDJ 901+ splitter modules.

Indoor Fiber Distribution Hub

The indoor FDH, for up to 64 end-users, is designed to handle fiber optic terminations and passive optical splitters in PON FTTx networks but can also be used for Point to Point (P2P) applications or combinations of the both. The FDH can handle air-blown fiber in microducts, micro cables as well as drop cables and other fiber optic cables. It can also be used as a medium sized fiber optic splice box for various applications.

Underground Fiber Distribution Hub/Fiber Access Terminal

The main application for this closure is fiber distribution in PON networks with optical splitters, but it can also be used in a P2P system as a cross connection distribution point. The closure is designed for outdoor, underground installation in manholes, above ground installation on poles or installations inside pedestals. The closure can handle air-blown fibers in microducts, micro cables and traditional cables. The closure is equipped with a holder for up to three RDJ 901+ splitter modules.

Splitter Modules

Splitters to be used in the FDH. The splitters are pre-terminated with protected fanouts and with fitted connectors. Available with different connector options. These splitter modules also fits in splitter frames for Central Office applications.