Joint Closures for Fiber Optic Cables

Joint Closure Plastic

Versatile fiber closure made of durable plastic to meet most environmental demands. The standard box can handle up to 96 single fibers or 48 ribbon sleeves, and is expandable to manage higher fiber counts and a greater number of entrances. The closure can also handle mid-span access.

Fiber Joint Closure

This compact, high capacity joint closure handles up to 576 fiber splices. The closure is designed for outdoor underground installation in manholes but can also be mounted above ground on poles or inside pedestals. The closure can handle air-blown fibers in microducts, micro cables and traditional cable.

Joint Closure, Stainless Steel

Closure for higher fiber counts in harsh outdoor environments. The generous size of the fiber organizers makes installation fast and trouble free. The design is compact but easy to expand to accommodate very large fiber counts. The closure can also handle mid-span access. Several versions and accessories are available resulting in a total capacity of 144 fibers to more than 2000 fibers depending on configuration.

Joint Closure NCD 502 5000 Indoor

Compact indoor closure that provides mechanical protection in situations where jointing and branching of cables needs to be carried out cost-effectively. It can be mounted inside a cabinet, container or directly on a wall.