GRCLDV DryTech, 12-192 fibers


Slim loose tube cable with concentric core design, with up to six tubes per cable. The cable is all dielectric. DryTech filling compound is used in the cable core.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to strip and identify fibers
  • Dry construction
  • Concentric core design
  • Dielectric
  • Small outer diameter
  • ITU-T-G652.D fibers


GRCLDV is a loose tube cable using concentric core design, with small loose tubes, only 2.4 mm, with 12 fibers in each tube.

GRCLDV is designed for installation in ducts. The cable is completely dielectric making it suitable for installation in environments where there is electrical interference.

The cable is very easy to install, due to the small diameter and low weight.

DryTech™ filling compound, a foamed thermoplastic elastomer, is used as water blocking in the cable.

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Concentric core, extra slim
  • Type: Dielectric, DryTech
  • Capacity: 12-192 fibers
  • Diameter: 11-18.5mm