Fiber Transport Network

Connecting people, cities and countries through high speed communication channels become more and more important in the world we are living in today. Depending on different type of terrain there are a number of solutions available. Hexatronic can offer complete solutions covering the needs of fiber transport networks.

Fiber transport network installations demand high quality products capable to stand both hard weather condidions and ruff terrain. Hexatronic´s fiber transport network solutions includes cables for duct-, direct buried- and aerial installations together with joint closures and accessories.

Possible Network Solution for a Rural Network

Hexatronic’s solutions for metropolitan networks are built for high performance and a long life span. They deliver unlimited bandwith capacity and the ability to grow as demand increases and new services are introduced. The network can easily be expanded by simply incorporating new cables in alternative microducts whenever needed. This allows cable network operators to meet the increasing demand for broadband access networks. Major fiber increase is possible within existing channels so the expansion scalability options are huge. Micronet also minimizes initial investment costs as excess fiber capacity is not needed to guarantee future demands.

Easy to Install

Thanks to the design and construction of the cables with reinforcement depending on type, the cables can be direct installed together with i.e power lines and without any additional reinforcements.

Reliability. Quality. Cost.

The ability to have lots of fiber in a highly compact cable saves space and increases capacity. Up to 96 fibers can be held within one Micronet cable, with an outer diameter of only 5.7 mm. The supreme capacity makes Micronet the preferred choice when installing metropolitan and access networks. The minimal cable dimensions also improve the transport and handling processes.

System Advantages


  • Scalable design solution with customized product packages
  • Solutions based on the traditional micro ducts or hybrid ducts
  • Market leading air blown fiber and micro cable
  • Material designed and approved according Skanovas specifications


  • The easiest possible design and installation, where all parts are tested and compatible
  • Guaranteed performance throughout the network’s lifetime
  • A quality-assured system to ensure the finished fiber network has and maintains a high market value

Recommended Products

Cables for Duct Installation

The range of cables for duct installation includes all our five basic designs: concentric core, slotted core, slotted core ribbon, DryTech and ribbon in loose tubes.

Cables for Direct Buried Installation

The range of cables for direct buried installation includes all our five basic designs: concentric core, slotted core, slotted core ribbon, DryTech and ribbon in loose tubes..

Cables for Aerial Installation

Hexatronic’s range of Fiber Optic Cables for aerial installation includes self-supporting All Dielectric Self Support (ADSS) and figure-8 types, designed for pole installation.

Joint Closures for Fiber Optic Cables

Joint closures for both indoor and outdoor installation, includes boxes optimized for virtually all conditions, and for small, medium and large fiber counts.