Fiber Optic Splitter Shelf


Splitter shelf for 19” rack mounting with pre-installed fiber optic splitters. The shelves are available in different configurations with split ratios of 1×2 to 1×64. The standard connector option is SC/APC. Available in both standard and high grade.

Features and Benefits

  • 1×2 to 1×64 standard configurations
  • 2×2 to 2×64 for redundancy and monitoring
  • Broadband wavelength operation
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low back reflection
  • Low PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss)
  • Low WDL (Wavelength Dependent Loss)
  • Low TDL (Temperature Dependent Loss)
  • High output uniformity
  • Stable optical performance
  • Conforms to Telcordia, ITU and IEC standard
  • 1U, 19” and ETSI rack mountable


Configurations from 1×4 to 2×64 use Planar Lightwawe Circuit (PLC) splitters. 1×2 configurations are based on Fused Biconic Tapers (FBT). All components have thermally stable broadband performance.

The splitter shelf is available in two performance grades; standard grade and high grade. Standard grade is suitable for most applications. High grade is used when a wider operating wavelength, lower insertion loss and better uniformity is required. Both performance grades are available in configurations with multiples of splitters from 1×2 to1x64, see ordering information. Standard connector option is SC/APC.


The splitter shelf comprises of a metal chassis for 19” rack mounting and fiber optic splitter devices. The optical splitters provide uniform division of an optical signal from one or two input fiber ports to multiple output ports.

The splitters are design to meet the requirements for a wide range of fiber optic communications systems. The broadband performance makes them especially suitable for PON FTTx networks. Low loss under extreme environmental conditions ensures stable operation. Thermally stable and compact design allows these shelves to be installed into central office (CO) racks as well as in outside plant Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH).

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Splitter Shelf, 19”, 1U
  • Connector options: SC/APC, SC
  • Size: 410x195x44mm
  • Split ratio: 1×2 to 1×64