Central Office Equipment

Central Office Related Equipment covers products that are common in any type of network, regardless of application. Equipment racks, Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), patch cords and other fiber optic accessories are found here.

Equipment Rack Systems

Equipment rack systems in the central office environment are characterized by a minimum footprint in combination with class-leading capacity that allows well-organized and safe fiber termination to minimize operating errors.

Optical Distribution Frames

Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) are integrated components in any fiber management system. They are available as rack-mounted units for 14”, 19” or ETSI racks, or as wall-mounted cabinets. The ODFs are available in a range of configurations depending on the application.

Patch Cords, Pigtails and Cable Assemblies

The range of fiber optic patch cords, pigtails and cable assemblies cover all interconnect needs in any kind of environment. We provide virtually any type of fiber optic connector. Some examples are shown below.

Splitters and Passive Optical Devices

Fiber optic splitters or couplers provide division of optical power from one or two input ports into several output ports. Symmetric optical power splitters are used for fiber optic communication systems such as PON FTTx networks. Asymmetric power splitters are used for monitoring of transmission signals in fiber networks.

Fiber Optic Accessories

Typical accessories for fiber optic interconnect and splicing applications include various essential and optional products such as fiber optic adapters for Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) splice sleeves and connector cleaners.